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Game company:*releases game with sexualized underage girls*
Western gamers:Aw yeah! This looks awesome! I hope it comes to the West!
Game company:*releases game where women beat up women so their clothes tear off*
Western gamers:Aw yeah! This looks awesome! I hope it comes to the West!
Game company:*releases game that revolves around upskirting women in the street*
Western gamers:Aw yeah! This looks awesome! I hope it comes to the West!
Game company:*releases game with Boys Love themes*
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just overheard a guy who cheated on his (now ex) wife say that he’s against gay marriage because “it would destroy the sanctity of marriage”


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Haruka & Michiru: A Lesson on Innuendos

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I’m imagining that Cillian Murphy’s audition for the role of Batman looked a little something like this:






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am i the only one who is completely baffled when people say “ugh i’m sick of sjws trying to force diversity” like are you really so attached to to the bland white 30-something straight man trope that it personally offends you when someone even mentions that they would like to see more of the amazingly varied and interesting human race we are a part of??

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I found this great blog today and had to share it :D 

Refashionista is an amazing seamstress who refashions awful thrift-store finds into new clothes and some of these results are so amazing?? Check her out! :D

she is a goddess

So she’s taking plus sized clothing and making it into hipster wear for people who aren’t fat?  Ok. 

looks ten times better on her anyways  

that is besides the point. She’s taking resources from plus sized people who likely need it more than she does. If she was really any good at her refashioning, she could use clothing that was her size(or close to it) and make her hipster monstrosities that way. 

So what? Who gives a fuck? Shes taking something ugly that no one wants and making it into something cute for

Clearly it is the empathetic people who actually COMPREHEND how problematic and detrimental this to an already twice marginalized group of people who give a shit. How about you learn how to be a little more considerate of people who are less fortunate than you. 

Before I even got to the comments I was repulsed by the first image

So…. she took already limited fat clothing resources, from a thrift store, thus taking these fat clothes DIRECTLY from those who don’t have the money to pay in store prices, and who cannot afford to be choosy and buy only what they deem attractive (also clothing is incredibly subjective, and your idea of ugly clothes might be someone’s fav dress.. so fuck off with that)

and turns them into hipster outfits? 

wow… assholes gone wild 

for every 20-50 stores for thin people, there is maybe ONE for fat people

and those who cannot afford to pay 2-4 times the cost of thin clothes, for those fat clothes, ONLY have thrift shops, and now even THOSE limited resources aren’t safe (because you know damn well when a fat person finds something that fits, they are unlikely to give it away because we already have so few options)

fucking WOW.

also how DARE you call fat person clothes ugly, and imply that because they aren’t your idea of cute, that we don’t deserve them. my apologies that the fashion industry treats us like shit and offers us burlap sacks… SORRY TO OFFEND YOU WITH SOMETHING OUT OF OUR CONTROL

god i just want to puke all over these photos and everyone defending her

the thing that bothers me is the stance she continually makes in her “before” pictures. I just find it unnecessary and sort of mocking? 

what is wrong with you people

As someone who has volunteered at many thrift shops over the years, it seriously pisses me off that people are complaining about what this girl is doing. I think it’s great that she is re-fashioning ugly, old-fashioned clothes into something modern that will be used. Because you know what happens when a thrift shop becomes overstocked? We have to send whole batches of un-sellable clothes to landfill. We just can’t afford to keep things in the store for years on end. And usually the big ugly muu-muus and shapeless dresses were the first to go. Why? BECAUSE NOBODY BUYS THEM! Most people don’t want to buy something that is 30+ years out of fashion. They sit in the store for years and years and years, collecting dust, getting sun-damaged, or just falling apart due to age. Refashionista even mentions on her site that many of the clothes she buys have holes in them or other damage.

Thrift shops exist to MAKE A PROFIT. They WANT people to buy their items! Their primary purpose is to make money for the charities they represent. They do NOT exist solely to sell clothing to those who aren’t well-off (although most thrift shops will put aside certain clothing like school uniforms to give to poor families for free anyway) because that would not be financially viable. Many thrift shops are already struggling to make a profit after paying rent for their store space, paying to dispose of un-sellable clothing and the LITERAL TRASH that people dump at the stores, and competing against cheap chain stores like Walmart and K-Mart. They don’t care if you want to buy a bunch of clothes to use as pet blankets or cleaning rags or…whatever! As long as they can move stock and make a profit, they’re happy. The more money they make, the more struggling people they can help. And everybody - regardless of class or financial stability - is welcome to shop at a thrift shop.

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